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Workers' Compensation Defense


LMLA has assembled a team of top-notch attorneys, certified specialists and workers’ compensation professionals in order to provide successful courtroom advocacy, exceptional case handling and unparalleled service. The long-term relationships we have fostered attest to our unwavering commitment to this goal. We provide our clients with a variety of data driven reports, from legal spend and duration open, to guideline compliance and other customizable analytics based on a client’s specialized needs. With consistent client guideline compliance, monitored by internal systems which measure attorney and administrative staff performance, LMLA is a defense law firm that provides our clients with superior representation and service at all venues across California.

Covering Every Venue in California

With a network of offices throughout California, LMLA can provide representation for our clients at every DWC venue in the State.

More than a deep understanding

LMLA not only understands the current law, but we also provide continuing education and seminars for Claims Handling.

Specialist Consultancy

Every client's needs are different and LMLA is able to provide a wide range of consultantcy services, either for TPAs or employers.

Further Information and Contact

Existing Clients should contact your local office for more information or contact:

Dominic A. Lopez, General Managing Partner

505 East Colorado Boulevard, Suite 200
Pasadena, CA 91101

(+1) 626 844 6616

dominic @