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Our Current competition

August 01, 2018 / BY Terry Escott / IN Corporate

Since our readers found and solved our last competition fairly quickly (10 months), our replacement competition may be much easier or much harder.... time will tell.

In the montage above, there are enough clues to identify a link to Workers Compensation and our profession as well. The answer is not just a link, but also we are looking for the why. Ideally, your answer will include a brief description of the link or links between at least 5 objects.

As usual, a single prize of a LMLA Goodie Bag will be awarded to the first correct solution received.

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Congratulations to our VERY FIRST winner

July, 2018 / BY Terry Escott / IN Corporate

Congratulations to Garry, our competition winner! In September 2017, our web design company were demonstrating their skills by putting our name in a bottle floating on water and challenged us to identify the origin. Thus a competition was born and thrown open to our readers.....

Then on July 23, 2018 at 8:26:50 PM PDT, Garry sent us an email correctly identifying the BBC arts show, 'Arena'. So Garry is the receipiant of an LMLM bag of goodies and it is left to me to explain that Arena is a British television documentary series, made and broadcast by the BBC since 1 October 1975. Voted by TV executives in Broadcast magazine as one of the top 50 most influential programmes of all time, it has produced over six hundred episodes directed by, among others, Frederick Baker, Jana Boková, Jonathan Demme, Nigel Finch, Mary Harron, Vikram Jayanti, Vivian Kubrick, Paul Lee, Adam Low, James Marsh, Leslie Megahey, Volker Schlondorff, Martin Scorsese, Julian Temple, Anthony Wall, Leslie Woodhead, and Alan Yentob. The programme's theme music is taken from the title track of the 1975 album Another Green World by Brian Eno and the Arena opening titles were voted among the "Top 5 Most Influential Opening Titles in the History of Television" by Broadcast magazine in 2004. Click here the offical Arena Website and click this link for both music and titles

Our new challenge appears in the same place, but this time its a lot easier......